hope you are doing well. My name is John, a head of overseas enterprise group of medium of Adxmi. We provide app monetization service, our ads form have offerwall, interstitial, customized ads, video, etc. You just need to embed the SDK(about 200K) to your app, or link to your app with our API. ECPM $5~22.And there has been a lot of developers have cooperated with us, such as cheetahs, taobao, 360, etc. Do you have interest to cooperate with us? Looking forward to your reply
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我是有米海外事業群adxmi的媒介主管李昌 John,我们提供海外广告流量变现服务,广告形式有積分墻,插屏,原生,視屏等,咱APP只需嵌入SDK或接API就可变现赚钱,ECPM $5~22.已经有很多应用与我们合作,例如猎豹移动,淘宝,360等,请问您有兴趣与我们合作么?期待您的回复(PS:我在北京,北京的朋友可以见面聊哦)

John 梁李昌
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