Moilecore pending payment 0$ without any email or invoice

hi my mobilecore payment page shows 0$ pending payment. i had about 300$ they did not send any invoice or email. is this normal or someone else are experiencing this issue too?. i don’t use mobilecore much in my apps because of low ecpm and i have received only one payment before with them.

EDIT : I contacted my account manager. she said my earnings will be paid today.Thanks guys for your reply.

My mobilecore dashboard showing correctly…Contact your account manger for more info on this …

You should get an email invoice, otherwise contact your account manager.

is there anyone who has received an invoice for the period from July 8 to 14

New invoice will be shown for approval under Account->Payment->Invoice.

They will not send it to your email because they just upgraded their payment system.

but until now there has been no invoices in Accounts> pembayaran-> Invoice for the period from July 8 to 14
if you already receive it?

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Invoice Date: Aug 03, 2015
Period: 06/08/2015 - 07-31-2015

I just found that I have unpaid cash and forgotten about it, it’s accepted now. When it’s coming out?