Mockplus 3.2 - Coming in this Summer with Five Amazing Features

In the heatwave of this Summer, you have every reason to eagerly anticipate the coolest Mockplus 3.2.


UI Flow

A beautiful and clean UI flow is what designers especially want to have.


Now in Mockplus 3.2, all the demo projects and templates of Mockplus can be directly imported into the desktop client. You don’t have to download .mp files from the tutorial website and then open them in the desktop client like it used to be.

Sketch Import

In Mockplus 3.2, you are free to take your design in Sketch to the interaction stage easily without code. Once you’ve imported your Sketch file into Mockplus, it’s easy to add interactions.

Mindmap Design Mode

If you are a fan of using mindmaps to manage your ideas, the mindmap design mode in Mockplus 3.2 and future versions will be just what you need.

Let’s focus on Mockplus! If something will surprise you in this Summer, it must be the Mockplus 3.2.