Mobvista - what do you think

They have weekly payment from $50. What do you think about them?
Your results, ecpm, fill rate, etc. Is it good?

Their ads are from admob and startapp. I’m not sure they have any of their own inventory (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though).

I tried and got horrible results, lets see what people say

Maybe an stupid question but how they take traffic from AdMob? They do have an App ID from AdMob embedded in their SDK? Is that legal?

Legal, how its works:

  1. Each developer have own ad id in mediation network admob
  2. It’s like app id
  3. User>Developer>Mediation Network>Admob

I don’t know if mobvista using it or not but it’s legal.

Thanks, sorry I don’t want to break the topic, just one more question.
What happen with admob banned apps? In that way would be possible to show admob ads again… and what do you think if I want to show admob ads in other gp accounts that I don’t want to link with current apps I have in admob?

They were good but no luck anymore I never seen admob or startapp ads from them as they use thier own ads.

Of course we have our own inventory(Most traffic from Southeast Asia),additionally aim to cover more Geos and better fillrate for higher eCPM,so we use Mediation in which we could get ads not only from admob and startapp,but also mobfox and chartboost.That’s 100% legal.

Now the eCPM is $2-$5,fillrate is 95%+,if you want to know more,please contact me;)

We have used this network for 3 months. Currently we are getting $0.5 - $1.5 eCPM.
Their payments sometimes were late, but that’s okay overall.
I suggest you to have a try then you will know more about this network.

As you know,we provide mediation from Admob and other network,and Admob sucks during these months,so the eCPM lower than average,it must return normal in the next few months.

Slight delay of payment because we must take time to check all the requests.

Thanks for your sharing and best wishes

I actually have a good experience with them.
Decent eCPM (not amazing), good support team. And yes - fast payment is always a big bonus.

i withdrawn more than two time mobvista payment first is tell PM Olivia bank address wrong then correct all details withdrawn my 2nd payment still two months no payment received i contact all person and publisher department email but no response as yet can some send me solution to this problem and email address of MR ZHONG ZHIYONG.
Asad Jilani
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