Mobvista dont send payment?

Anyone recever mobvista payment for 2 months?? They become scam?

Mobvista Scam

Mobvista is scam

require 300 now and ecpm rates are half a cent now.

Go with Mobilecore or Pollfish to get high revenue… They have high eCPM than Mobvista

I had not received my payment from mobvista too. They are not even replying the mail.

I can confirm that Mobvista is scam as well.

yep, they start to scam me once they change their payment method from paypal to wire only, never receieved any money from them at all, they owe me 200dolar, not much but something

They scammed me more than $700 they start scam people since 2015-07-04

Yes, mobvista is a scam since last year.