Mobvista Cheating Developers

I am using mobvista in only one app(only banners). I was getting very low ecpm but didn’t have time to change to another network. I didn’t believe the results I was getting and then one day this happened

Screenshot from 2014-11-02 21:59:35.jpg

there was no revenue for that install. Some of your might say that the results were just updated and it takes some time to update the revenue but it remained the same till tomorrow.
I was mad at mobvista. I contaced Helen on skype and as soon as i asked her Why i was getting a very low ecpm? he didn’t reply and went offline. After some time BOOM!! now there was revenue for that install

Screenshot from 2014-11-03 16:01:36.jpg

Today I installed some apps from my app by clicking the banner ad from mobvista and NO install was counted and How mobvista is giving a very solid fill rate? mobvista is showing apps of wrong geo and if your users click on it they will see an error “Sorry the app can not be downloaded in your country”.
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Don’t waste your time with these networks. Move on. The install based networks are nothing but affiliate networks. They get paid $2 per install and they pay you 50 cents and keep the rest with them.

No creativity here. Stick with banner ad networks.

I don’t trust them either. My eCPM with them was 0! It was unbelievable. Try using Chartboost, It’s awesome for games .Appflood is good too.

thx for telling. I will black list this network

Yes. They are. That is why I stop using and referring them.

How is the eCPM for Chartboost?
How much impressions and revenue are you getting from Chartboost?
Thank you for sharing!

My eCPM is around 2$ but my main traffic is from tier 3 countries. I get about 5-6K impressions a day with chartboost. I also use appflood and upsight but appflood repository is not good and upsight is veryyy slow.

Yes charboost is a good network but the only thing which is keeping me away from trying chartboost is their payment terms which is net 45

+1 for Chartboost really good for iphone apps too