Mobvista? Can somebody share some info?

I see mobvista here and want to get some info about this network.

Weekly paymet:
-is there some minimum?
-fees for wire and paypal?
-any payment delays, issues?

-are there large volumes of impressions possible?

-skype support possible?
-how long reply time usualy?

Competitions like 14k amazon
-how often some competitions
-how often there is some bonus/reward for top developers?

-consistent with the policy?
-localization permissions required? (google play … reviews applications with localization permission for me, without it my apps are online after 30 minutes!)

Not Bad $50 minimum for payout, paid to your paypal, cashout whenever you reach 50 bucks and they process payments every Monday/Tuesday depending on what part of world you live in. just typical paypal fees that paypal charges they don’t take fees on paypal payments. 100% fill rate, I get like 80 cent ecpm rates outside of google play, not sure on google play apps, they only have banners and full screen ads, and don’t require many permissions just your basic internet ones.

Turmin will answer more questions for you.

Weekly paymet:
-is there some minimum? yes, $50
-fees for wire and paypal? for withdrawing less than $600, we suggest paypal. We also support wire transfer for withdrawing more than $600
-any payment delays, issues? Usually, The withdraw request before every Saturday 11:59pm GMT +8, will be finished in next Monday. if that is your first time to withdraw, it might be one or two days delay due to the new information registeration.

-ecpm depends on different area, different formats. Intertitials ads can be more than $15 eCPM.
-fillrate more than 95%, most of the time 100%
-are there large volumes of impressions possible? of course

-skype support possible? yes, we support
-how long reply time usualy? you will have your own account manager, you will recieve his email and you can get him skype account from the email. if your account manager is online, you can contact him any minute. If not, you can add my skype: turmin_mobvista, I can offer you any help you want.

Competitions like 14k amazon
-how often some competitions?
-how often there is some bonus/reward for top developers?
one or two months.

-consistent with the policy?
totally consistent. Mobvista won’t accept any prohibited deceptive ad elements, spammy notifications, non-user-initiated redirections, and pornographic material which are used by most other ad networks.
-localization permissions required? (google play … reviews applications with localization permission for me, without it my apps are online after 30 minutes!)
we set localized campaigns for most of the countries, but not very clear what you want to know about here.

Any further questions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.:slight_smile:

100% fill rate, skype support(my account manager is Rye and he always response my questions very soon), my eCPM $6.32 for the last 7 days.
this is what I can tell. I used Mobvista for about a month.

most impressive thing: Very fast skype and email support response from Mobvista account manager, comparing to other networks

Ok, ill try to put mobvista in couple apps, thanks for info :wink:

good choice to try different ad networks to compare their performance.:cool: good luck, frd

I use this network and it’s very good till now… Fillrate is the best, eCPM good. We will see how it is with payments in next days…:slight_smile: If someone want to register - here is my referral

Mobvista is good network I recommended all to give it a try

Do you guys have a mopub mediation plugin?

Hi, cooperating with mopub to become the mediation is a good choice, we are considering about it and we will inform you once we make it. :slight_smile:

Hi, currently we don’t support this, but we can accept this idea and see what we can do in the near further. Thank you for your reminding.:slight_smile:

Can you update SDK where we only need just a jar file instead of the extra folders and stuff, pack all that into the jar file in next updated sdk.

We will estimate your suggestion, already PM you. Thank you.:slight_smile:

Exactly. SDK should be as simple as it can be for a developer! I would also suggest to remove meta tags from manifest if there are any

how often the dashboard is updated per day?

Hi, we update the data per day, GMT+8 0:06

Turmin, once update per day is bad for developers checking how the ads are going.
Can you guys improve this?

We are considering to adjust the frequency, anyway thank you so much for your suggesting.:slight_smile:

Can anyone share some info about banner’s cpm & fillrate?