Mobogenie upload failed system error

For the last 4-5 days i am unable to upload any of apps to mobogenie and also failed to upload .
Anyone facing the same kind of problem .
Only using mobogenie for 3rd party store for getting more revenue.
On app upload it says that upload failed
“System Error”

Don’t people read the damn popup messeges when they log in? For the 100th time it is a China Holiday Week until October 7th, So MoboGenie service is down until Either October 7th or the 10th, During this time they are also doing maintainence and upgrades to the dev console.

No popup messages show up when I logged in. I am using Chrome btw.

I`m also having same issue

It only popped up on Septemeber 30th

Yup I haven’t had anything pop up anywhere saying this…

Have gone through their blogs etc and there’s nothing saying there’s planned down time…