Mobo Market, what to think of it?

I recieved this email from Mobo Market

“Nice to know you, we want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are MoboMarket, Indonesia’s Biggest third party App Store with over 4 million active users and over 500 million download in this year Q2.
We are well aware that your company are developing apps for android. We believe that your product have a great potential. Therefore we are very interested to form a partnership with your company. We believe that both of our company complement each other perfectly. By forming partnership with us you will get incredible benefits, full supports from our team, and since we have the first and the only app store with integrated app store forum/community, it is very easy to get exposure and be the “It” app overnight. Our direct clients can easily get tens of thousands of distribution every day, and can easily update application version by visiting our developer platform:
However we have request regarding the partnership, which is the distributions rights of the following application/s: xxxxx”

What can you make of it? They are as it seems a new app store for Indonesia, and I noticed that they are open since april 2015.
Is this a legal market?
So they want the rights of a particular app of mine. What do they mean with ‘distribution rights’? Is this some regular thing to do, selling rights, and let them freely distribute your app everywhere?

Anyone else got this kind of preposition?

here is the links:
MoboMarket – Free Download Android Apps,Games

i got this email aswell.

actually tried to register, and their confirmation email lead me to a 404 page. i emailed them from their website and email bounced back , so no idea what’s their deal really.

I replied their email, stating I wanted more information. No response yet.

I get at least 1 such email per day. There are thousands of 3rd party app stores nowadays. In my experience, just about every one of these is a 100% waste of time, unless your app is Talking Tom or something big as that. :slight_smile: I have a few successful apps on GP which didn’t get any traction at all on 3rd party app stores.

However, it’s best to form your opinion by trying them out, maybe you’ll have more luck than me.

3rd party markets are not profitable at all for me