Moblecore eCpm Issue

Hey guys,

I have an app with mobile core installed and stats for the last 7 days are

interstitial impressions = 2,28,611
clicks = 32,492
ECPM = $0.75
Earnings = $171.69

and most of my traffic comes from Brazil and India both about 60%…is this normal for these countries.Many developers says their ecpm in MC is 2-4$ .Do ineed to change the ad network …Which is best for Brazil and Indian traffic.

i am attaching the screenshot of it


In general, using more than one network is the best way to go.

If you’d like to try something new, you can give us a try by signing up here.

We use the lockscreen to monetize your apps and we do not interfere with any current monetization endeavours - just another revenue channel.



MC’s eCPM is going down since February. As i can see, they haven’t got any good campaign=(

My results:
Brazil - ?????? ?????? 2015-04-02 ? 19.00.34.jpg
India - ?????? ?????? 2015-04-02 ? 19.00.48.jpg

For example StartApp results:
BR - ?????? ?????? 2015-04-02 ? 19.02.14.png
IN - ?????? ?????? 2015-04-02 ? 19.02.32.png

MC used to be a good option to monetize traffic from those countries but these days it is indeed performing like shit. There should be better options until they get back on their feet.

Is your eCPM is consistent with startapp …I am thinking of using startapp in my app.

What are the better options for you

Maybe you can try Mobvista,i think

You can try StartApp, they have pretty good ads and very good eCPM