mobiMicro - new updates + performance data. 30% avg increase in revenue.

Long time no speak guys - the team and I have been working hard on our latest update and we hope to hear feedback from you.

I want to start this thread by saying yes we’d like for you to give us a try but at the end of the day we’re all here to help each other try to monetize our apps to the fullest. Not through gimmicks or trickery, but real valued revenue you can call consistent. I will always recommend other services that can help you grow as well.

If people don’t know what we do yet, it’s much better explained through pictures and demos so here is our website and product video

At mobimicro, we believe every product sold by merchants should be considered an advertiser. Millions of products vs. a handful of brand advertisers… you can see where there’s room for more consistency. We connect app audiences with products that they search all within your app. They will never leave.

But most importantly, we drive new revenue to your app - we are not banner advertising. You can keep all that revenue and on average, we have brought ad revenues up by 30%. We’re constantly working to get better but we could really use your help as publishers to give us feedback and implement so we can continue to improve.

Here’s a case study: Link

Reach me anytime on Skype: mr1elee

Wonny Lee

will not work, only way to be compliant is all purchases in apps have to be through google checkout.

Thanks for your input. Actually, google does allows other checkout methods like stripe, braintree, and paypal as long as it’s not a virtual good within the app. This is how apps like Hotel Tonight, Amazon, Uber, Venmo, and Lyft operate. However, we’re connecting audiences to products sold by merchants like Amazon and eBay at a CPC rate.

might try it in in a few weeks after I get relocated, what ecpm rates to expect and what countries do you guys serve ads too? I get 75% of my installs outside of google like opera, Samsung, AMAZON, Mobango, etc so I need ads to serve most countries

We support: US, UK, DE, FR, and AU (for now)

more to come in the upcoming months

they pay $0.25 per 1000 product views right?

We get paid via a Cost per Quality Lead. Meaning it’s Cost Per Click as long as it’s not coming from the same user (aka click fraud) which we have set security measures for. Cost per Leads vary based on product prices as well as conversion rates.

keep the questions coming guys!

surprised I’m not seeing more questions! This is new stuff and you guys should definitely ask to get familiar with commerce! Twitter just recently made some huge investments in this area so it is definitely the future of mobile monetization.