I just received the following mail:

I’m on the business development team for Mobi Media Associates ( My job is to find both emerging and established applications within the Android Marketplace that are creative, fun to play, and have a large user retention rate. Our company has identified your game Digital Photo Frame (Ad) as one of those games that we would like to partner with.

As you know fill rates and eCPMs for many of the leading In-App advertising networks can be relatively low. As application developers ourselves, we are always looking for ways to maximize our application revenue. Understanding this need, we would like to partner with you and your application to provide you with a flat rate monthly ad revenue source in exchange for hosting banner ad, interstitial ad, or content lock ads within your application. We would like to do this in such a way that you as the application developer will feel fully comfortable. Our In-App advertising will mainly consist of promoting other family friendly game download offers.

We are looking forward to discussing pricing information and terms with you ASAP. Please reply to this email to begin a dialogue with our team.

I can’t find anything about them so it seems a bit fishy. Anyone knows more?

Maybe they are new in the business. I think heyzap is also throwing out mails to app developers this way - which worked well for them.

Yeah, there’s a lot of new ad networks and that’s just how they advertise.

The best way to judge is how quick their service is (if it’s terrible, you might as well go with a bigger but equally responsive network), how their website looks, level of support.

Also, they should also be asking you for an idea of what geos you are getting traffic from and some other stats. They want to know this to make sure they have a large enough ad inventory that can be placed there. So if they don’t ask, they might not be big on optimizing/targeting which is a bad sign.

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