Mobilecore Stats Frozen?

The impressions haven’t changed since yesterday. Anyone else notice this?

I was waiting for this kind of post.

There is a note on my screen : “Due to minor technical difficulties, data from the past 24 hours has not successfully been updated to your dashboard yet. We apologize for the inconvenience. Data will be updated shortly.”

Have seen the note. I guess we wait :slight_smile:

It’s awesome how we just integrated it and can’t see how it performs.

the data show up, but the earning looks low

I have also the same problem with mobilecore now… Since I am using their SDK v1 my revenue dropped to 90% even impressions and clicks are close to the previous moths that I am getting good revenue.

I think that there was a problem with their sdk V1,because i made 1-2 install on own to check whether it work or not.
And i not get paid for those install…

I’ve also did an experiment yesterday because I can’t believe the 90% drop of revenue. I installed one app but i was surprised that their installation tracker just DON’T work at all and it is still displaying over and over again even I installed it… Openned/Closed the app over 15x and the app that I installed is still the ad shown…

If that is the case the user won’t install of course because they can’t see other ads other than what is already just installed…

so thats their christimas promotion with loosing of revenue and get paid when you reach that impression goal…:fearful::fearful:

so what will be of revenue will are loosing right now…

The bug that I am talking about was about their installation tracker error and the video ad which is causing force close.

I do not know how they will react with this but I diversified my traffic to multiple networks like Pollfishand Admob so that I can still receive $$ even MobileCore sucks this month.

mC earning low here also after the dashboard fix. I m assuming there tracker stopped working so less number of installs reported. Its coincidence that mC appnext and Airpush all went down at same time.

Just tried it out. Their tracker already worked a few minutes after install. Chartboost also had the same problem for us last week. Can this really be coincidence?

It is super strange that everyone went down at the same time and some of the revenue is down too. Mobilecore hit bottom for me as of the last week. Startapp, Notify, and Admob are doing ok for me still. So it can’t be a full industry-wide problem.

Chartboost currently down for me. everything is 0 like in Airpush

Since so many ad frameworks had similar problems in the same timeframe it might be a change in the servers on googles site. So the frameworks didn’t receive proper information.

Im reverting back to old version of MC SDK!

WHY? my revenue dropped 90% since DEC 1, 2014 and I installed 5 apps last night to prove what we are discussing here and now when I wake up the revenue DIDN’T CHANGE even $0.00000001!


I reverted back to old version of MC SDK and now installation tracker works good it can now track what has been installed in the users phone and not displaying again the ad if it is already installed in the phone.

I don’t think so, this coincidence happened everywhere anytime, since even the advertisers themselves would have some problem of tracking, then the networks like mC, pollfish and so on. This is not due to some promotion of Christmas or others, it is just because of the track droped.