Mobilecore Site Not working

Is anyone else having trouble with the Mobilecore dashboard? Mine hasn’t been working since Friday. It looks like it freezes up at the loading screen and you can’t click on any of the menu items, so I don’t even know how much I’ve been making.

Yup. I sent them an email. They said there was a bug that they fixed. However, it’s still not working for me. Hoping for a swift resolution! :slight_smile:

Also mobilcore not paid my cash via wire. If they will not pay to tomorrow, they are not solid. Many users have this problem, also many users got cash 3 days ago via wire:/ Sth bad for now.

Thats cause you’re using Wire, use paypal, my payments with paypals are never late. People need to understand that banks don’t work on weekends, so when payments are made by wire transfers they can take up to days to receive, they may have already sent your payment out on thursday, but you won’t get it till next week. So far Mobile core is second best earning site, admob being #1. I send about 2 million impressions a day to Admob, and was sending 100,000/day to mobilecore, out of all the ad networks, the earning from mobilecore is unmatched. Its just lately it has been dropping like crazy.

Its still working for me.

Hey guys,
The issue with the website is only happening in specific locations, and we are currently fixing it.
Those that are facing this issue, please mail or PM us so we can solve each case separately, while working to fix the regional problem.

Regarding the payments, I would like to clarify something. All payments have been transferred last week, with the exception of a few accounts that were paid today.
Please note that Wire transaction may take a bit longer. mobileCore pays on time, any publisher who’s payment was delayed, received a personal email from the payment dpmt. If you didn’t receive the mail, please contact us at [email protected] .


[email protected]

I’ve received and confirmed invoice three days ago and I still haven’t received payment via paypal up to now. I’ve already sent an email to you and still no response.