MobileCore SDk 2.0 listener not working

Anyone else have problem wtih eventType AD_UNIT_LOAD_FAILED not working?

Nevermind, their documentation is wrong.
eventType actually is AD_UNIT_LOAD_ERROR

Anyone feel that their new SDK is slower than v 1.1? I just integrated with my test app, but the ad doesn’t always show like their sdk v1.1. The ad sometimes appear, and most of the time not appear. I have to clear data and clear cache of my test app when the ad is not showing! Anyone experiences the same problem?

Yes, I am integrating SDK 2.0 today and Interstials seem to stop working after a few times. After that I need to clear data otherwise they not show anymore.
Honestly this new SDK seems to be quite shitty.
I’m not sure if I should keep v 2.0 and use only Stickeez (they work fine) or go back to v 1.1

I noticed this problem too. I think I will switch out of mobileCore soon too.

It’s kind of strange too… SDK 2.0 has been available for quite a long time now. How is it possible they didn’t notice those problems?