MobileCore rpm dropped

Don’t know the reason exactly but mobileCore eCpm dropped a lot lot from last ten days …getting just 0.45$ eCpm these days but still hoping they improve it…

For me Interstitial eCPM is 0.85$ during August.
On July it was 1.31$
On June 1.05$
On May 0.91$

Yeah, same here. It dropped harder than Greek economy :smiley:

But I guess it’s because the advertisers don’t want to spend money now, give it few more days and it should start rising.
It’s global i’d say, same thing happened on AdMob. Except on AdMob it dropped like 20 days ago.

At MC website they wrote that payments are NET 15 now. But when I reach $200 they generate invoice for me. I approved that invoice on Aug 23th. And I dont know now when they will send that payment.

ecpm between 0,1 - 0,3 . Is something wrong with them? Over 200k impression and I got only 15-30$ …

The same for me, around 250K impressions and more than 23000 clicks, ECPM - 0.15 :frowning:

yeah, I still don’t understand. Drop too much is not normal.