Mobilecore revenue ???

I new using mobilecore, i try using interstitial only, the revenue so low, low than startapp see ss Screenshot by Lightshot :confused:
how to get high CPM on mobilecore ?

341 impressions is way too little to make reliable statistics.

You need at least 5k impressions to calculate your best ad network…wait and see…:slight_smile:

MobileCore is CPI i.e. they don’t pay for clicks but for installs. So, if you don’t get many impressions ~25k+, maybe if your app is new, you chose the wrong network to start with.

I have got 15 clicks thus far and no revenue, I’m going to assume that the people that have clicked on the ads haven’t installed anything yet. How many clicks in your circumstances does it take for someone to install something? thanks.

We can’t say how many clicks take to get revenue…some times user may install for the first click sometimes user may install at 100th click…it depends on user choice for to install or not…get some descent impressions to your app and you will get revenue :slight_smile:

It depends on how many installs you got, but sometime, even no install you still can earn money!

CPI with $200 treshold…? so bad for new developer, maybe I back again to admob cpc and cpm oriented :wink:

but beware with admob policy.

Hi guys,
I read which some of you have good news about mobileCore.
Also for me, it has been pretty good for a few months, but now the mobileCore’s eCPM is decreased incredibly!!! It was about $1/$2, but now is $0.27/0.18.
Someone of you has the same result?

SS_MC01.jpg SS_MC02.jpg