mobileCore Results: Post yours

For those who are using mobileCore, lets share the results for the interstitial (OfferWall): CTR and eCPM.

I’ve just started using it, tomorrow I will post my updated data (for now I’m getting the CTR of a banner, but it may take a while to compute the clicks).

So, what are your CTR and eCPM?

Just started today too and I like how it all works. Would like to hear people’s current rates too, and I will post mine once I have some data!

Alkaline, you are using it in games or generic apps? I have apps so i am not sure if this would work any good considering mobilecore is mainly into games monetisation

Lemme know your results. Also is it possible to simple rotate 2 interstitial from mobilecore and one of my interstitial (madserve)

Mostly apps. Will see how it goes. Lots of people have had good results from using mobileCore in apps so we will see.

I will wait 1 or 2 more days to see if the data stabilizes. For now Im having an extremely low CTR, but a good eCPM (probably lucky, because I’ve had only 11 clicks, so I must have had a few installs out of those clicks).

Integrated the ad network yesterday in two of my apps.
First app: Impressions: 3531. Clicks: 62. CTR: 1,76%. eCPM:1.34
Another app: Impressions 3721. Clicks 55. CTR 1,76%. eCPM $0.41
Should wait a couple days to see more accurate results.

Are you just using the Offerwall yes? As in not the slider?

When are you calling the ads if so?

Slider and offerwall. Offerwalls are shown when user exits with the back button or changes to another activity.

@fillevoss, are your apps for entertainment or productivity?

Interesting! Same impressions and clicks and so different eCPM which means what they are paying way less per install on the second app. Where is your traffic coming from for each app?

Results below, I will wait a few days more but for now Admob is performing better.

1434 Impr
12 Clicks
0.84% CTR
$2.28 ECPM
$3.27 Earning

After a few days with mC it seems pretty stable, as I’ve had almost the same results on the last 2 days:

Ad Type: OfferWall (fullscreen / interstitial)
CTR: 0.6% (!!)
eCPM: $2.31

I believe my CTR is lower than the average because of my audience (70% are women, mostly over 35 yo).

And my eCPM is high even with a low CTR because the countries I’m strong at pay well (my user base is: 38% US and 38% Western Europe, mostly Germany and UK).

As a comparison, on AdMob I’m making about the same eCPM, but the CTR is 10x higher (around 6.5%). Not that I care about the CTR - eCPM and installs is all that matters, but it at least means that my audience doesnt care much about the product being advertised, maybe the ones clicking are the outliers of my audience, like the few kids that downloaded the game besides the older women.

It would be nice if someone could post his results with high number of impressions (~100k). From game would be perfect :slight_smile:

Hello dear fellow devz,
My good friend Lior asked me to show some big numbers on this thread, so hold on to your chair :slight_smile:
This stats are using the 0.9 SDK from the past month. These are from games section.

First app: Impressions: 4389718 Clicks: 207176 CTR: 4.72%. eCPM: $2.8
Another app: Impressions: 6279385 Clicks 282733 CTR 4.5%. eCPM: $2.37

I am really happy with mobilecore so far, and plan to use them exclusively after 20’th next month.
I just pray to god that revenue doesn’t drop by 50% or more :))
But right now i’m having bigger fish to fry like how do i get this money in my country without paying insane taxes to gov. damn.

Nice numbers. Just to understand, this is all from the interstitials right?

Also wondering if their ads would work for my entertainment app which isnt a game :frowning:

interstitials and icon ( i haven’t updated the apps yet, waiting 20 more days )
their ads look pretty awesome, clean and nice, they load fast/er than others…

Thanks for numbers, I will definietly give it a try after 20th ; )

My last 7 days mobilecore numbers on my entertainment app. The earning is horrible for non-game app. I guess my users have no interest for game.
Impressions: 1956 Cliks: 107 CTR: 5.47% eCPM: $0.57 Revenue: $1.12

I like the ads design also, thats a big factor for me when choosing an ad provider.

Monetizing non-game apps with app walls it’s not easy in my experience. Most of users just want to get something done and don’t care of trying new apps. When playing a moblie game people are just having fun and more open-minded, and more likely to try new stuff.