Mobilecore problem with impression

Dear all,

my mobilecore reach the impression 100,000 a few day ago, but now it shows the zero, for today impression also zero too.

is it mobilecore problem or what?

Thank you

I just started using mobilecore and this post scares me.

Don’t worry, if any problem, they will fix it fast and give back earnings. I haven’t currently traffic in mobilecore but this is first situation like this ever in this company. Don’t forget that mobilecore is part of ironsource and they hire 500 people. This is not small company.
Also I can recommend airpush, yeahmobi(you need to have own system to serv these ads), startapp (they will pay my cash earned 1 year ago without any problem, I forgot about it and not updated payment info^^), appnext (you need to have big traffic to get weekly payment). These companies are stable for years.

My impression also shows zero. whereas my impression over 400k last night (ICT). I think just error and will be fix ASAP

This should be okay soon… I been using MobileCorefor almost 2 years and only experienced minor issues with them.

Same here I have 1.5M impressions and it is now zero… Don’t worry guys I trust mobilecoreat least for myself. :smiley:

Mobilecore is the most trustable network for me however something is really wrong with them after they publish SDK v1.0. My eCPM dropped drastically. Their interstitials close button not working in most situations and impression count is declining everyday. Hope these situation is just a temporary case.

error fixed dude. lets check dashboard :wink:

Stats are OK now… It is very stable network. Register in it with link: to get referral;)

@ramzixp, let me know how your new signature goes with conversion. I liked it.

this affiliate program, same as startapp ;/ not converting so good, I have 60 devs in mobilecore and 70 devs in startapp, earned $50 ;/ Mostly accounts are without any activity. I put this signature because…why not? If I earn in the future some free $50, why not? Free beer :stuck_out_tongue:
Ill resize it if somebody not likes so big signatures

No pls increase it a bit. Lol

How is your affiliate conversion with mobileCore? :slight_smile: