MobileCore Payment

Hi guys,

I didn’t received the invoice for the September 15-21 period and today is September 26.I sent a message to my account manager but no answer yet.

I suppose payment for September 15-21 will be delayed.

Anyone have news regarding this problem?


you have to contact mobileCore payments Dept. not your Account Manager

here is there email : [email protected]

OK,thanks, I will send me a message now.

I received my invoice quite late in the day compared to when I normally get it perhaps they had a slight problem on the day? Just to clarify you got over $200 during that period?

Same issue. Not receive yet until now. Boring

When did you received the invoice? Today?

And yes, I have over $200 for September 15-21 period.

I received invoice last week but until now the payment is not released…

I sent a message to payments Dept. but no answer yet, it’s strange because usually they reply back very fast.

i’ve got a reply and they said my invoice will be paid in few days…