MobileCore Payment

Hi Everyone,

what happened with mobileCore? he usually update pay date on payment history, but at this time he not update on payment history. and when payment for 22th - end of month (January) will be out?

nothing happened with mobileCore 1 - 2 days delaycis normal.

invoice for 1- 7 should be out soon in no time and you will be paid after 1 week

sorry, I mean payment 22th - end of month (January). or today is Sunday, so he cant proccess the payment? sorry if I many questions. because this is my first payment :slight_smile:

7 business days so weekends not included…

You are in good hands. I been using mobilecore for almost 2 years and have no problem with payments…

Congratulations to you… you are about to receive your first payment… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your information Sir :slight_smile:


I am also new with mobilecore too, yes I still not yet get the payment for the period 22th - end of month (January).

My invoice generated already in my account and they mention paid date on 09-Feb-2014. But till now I still can not get the payment in my bank account.

when we will get the payment when the invoice generated already?

Thank you

I havent received the payment for the period 22nd-31st of Jan too!

Feb 10 is the 7th business day of this month… we will worry if still no payment at 10th … :slight_smile:

So you mean we still have 3 more days to go, right?

At that time email your account manager what is the cause of the delay. MobileCOrealways pays.


I just checked mine and it says paydate is 2015-02-09 but I haven’t received it yet. I will start to worry 3 - 5 days after feb 10

I got my payment 22th - end of the month yesterday at 00.34 am (ICT) via paypal

Paypal is instant so no worry!

Dont worry dude. I have been using mobileCore since 1 year ago, and he always pay developer.

Yes, I trust mC! They are way better than Admob!

@romel_emperado, just a question, where is your bonus? With that income you should have got at least 400$ bonus (new year bonus)

Good catch! I will email them now about the xmas promotion… thanks!

EDIT: While waiting for their reply I calculated the actual revenue and there is an extra $600 from that amount. I think that is the xmass bonus but not indicated in my history(???)…

I just received my payment from mobileCore!

But the amount I got is $60 less than the amount stated in the receipt! They might made a mistake!

I got mine yesterday…

I also got mine, but don’t know why, they divided my money into two parts and sent it.
Bank in addition to exchange charges fixed 8 euros, so I lost 8 euros, but it is fine… :slight_smile:

Mine is also divided into two parts.The bank fee is $10 each, so I lost $80 in total.