Mobilecore payment is out? 06/08/2015 - 07-31-2015

Invoice Date: Aug 03, 2015
Period: 06/08/2015 - 07-31-2015

Is the mobilecore payment out? Wire transfers?
Have you any changes in payment history? When I can see my payment? Writting here because their managers not responding.

nothing yet

Something strange is happening with mobilecore. When I’m about to reach $200 there’s a drop in revenue, today it’s the 3rd day without any revenue but my impressions and clicks remain stable…

Any payment or news from Mobilecore?

Payment is out

August 3rd Invoice?

Still waiting for July 14th Invoice to be paid

you got it? damn I didn’t get mine yet. mobilecore kinda sucks now that they changed to net15

Yes I got my payment (wire transfer), I asked support and payments sended yesterday for 3.08 invoice.

Yes payment is out.

Hey have you guys observed the new Payment Schedule for MobileCore. In the Help Section it is showing that they Pay on Net15 basis. Before it shows there it is as Net7 :frowning: . Checkout the below lines. May be they have changed from Net7 to Net15

What is the payment schedule?
mobileCore pays on a NET15 schedule provided that your revenue has exceeded $200. If for example you earned $200 during the month of January, an invoice will automatically be issued for you to approve on the beginning of February, and you will receive your payment by February 15th.

I just received the payment to day

14 day .Mobilecore not sent invoice

They pay every 30 days now

i earned $200 during the month of november. now 13 december i’m not receive invoice or payment . help me . thanks