MobileCore or AppNext

Hi All,

As my apps are growing and doing well, i want to try out NEW ad networks for banners and interstitials with my latest app. After some research I’ve narrowed down two ad-networks: mc and appnext. So, can you guys share your experience with these two networks.

Main requirement:

  • Stability, I would like to have stable stats. Not that one day I make $50 and another day $20.

Also, can you give me insights about startapp banner ads. i’ve good experience with interstitials but still unsure about banners.

Please provide numbers, if you can.

I’m already using startapp and admob, so referral agents please don’t spam here.

ThankYou :slight_smile:

I use both mobileCore and AppNext.

mobileCore gives me the best eCPM compared with any network($2-$4 typically), but they don’t offer banners. With that said, they can vary quite a bit day to day:

They provide weekly payments if you earn over $200 in a week (Otherwise payment is made once $200 is reached/end of month). I have never even had fees for their payments. They currently have without a doubt, the best payment process in the industry. They even confirm with you the payment amount before sending it, making sure everything is correct.
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AppNext, like StartApp and mobileCore are based in Israel. (I think all 3 have offices elsewhere though).
They are more stable than mobileCore in my experience, but as of late their eCPM just doesn’t keep up with other networks I use. Your mileage may vary though, so don’t cross them off.
They pay net10 as standard and offer weekly payments for $2500 a week.

Both networks have excellent dashboards and interfaces, not to mention support. @jonathan from AppNext is quite active on this forum and mobileCore are fairly active here too.

StartApp banners would do best in a mediation situation.

Many are reporting nice eCPM values with MobileCore, however you can’t manually control ad caching (it just downloads everything at startup, which can be annoying when you use several ad networks) and for some reason their interstitial “lags” a lot when you press the close button. Also I’ve seen a grand total of 1 (repeated) ad two days ago and 1 ad yesterday even after calling refresh, which is terrible considering that I don’t live in Zimbabwe but Italy.

AppNext looks great, their ads are clean and beautiful. Unfortunately I have only integrated it two days ago allocating 10% of my inventory, so the awful 0.38$ eCPM (compared to AdMob’s 1.50$+) doesn’t really mean anything with just 10.000 impressions - too soon to have stable data, I’ll keep it in the rotation for a while.

shouldn’t we compare the total revenue instead of the eCPM? Although eCPM is good, what about fillrate.
One example:
in one ad network, you got 1000 impression in a day, $1 revnue, eCPM is $1, very nice.
another ad network, you got 5000 impressions in a day with the same ad formats, revenue is $2, but eCPM is $0.4.
Can we say the first one is better?

Well yes we can, because the 5000 impressions in your example could be redirected to different and better performing ad networks instead. I have my own caching rotation so I always have an interstitial available somewhere, honestly with all these choices having a 100% global fill rate shouldn’t be an issue anymore in 2014 :slight_smile:
Of course, the raw “throughput” of an ad network is important if it’s going to be your only option or you can’t rely on the AdMob fallback - I can’t comment yet on how well AppNext does perform after the 4th or 5th interstitial shown because I never got there and I’m only getting their first/second ad available.

You can refresh their offers which does make a difference. Their older SDKs did lag, but their latest is much, much smoother in my experience. Have you tried it?

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot with my next update if the lag is gone - it really was a deal breaker.
And yes, I called refreshOffers() and it still showed a single (bad) ad repeatedly… not really encouraging.

By the way I would still suggest rotating through a good variety of networks (AdMob, AdBuddiz, AppNext and StartApp in my case) with a different close button position to get fresh offers and avoid “ad blindness”.

to get the best of both worlds. show mobilecore ad on app launch and appnext on exit :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, thankyou guys for the nice answers. So I guess , my combo seems like:
banner: startapp
interstitial : startapp + mC

Scenario with my app is that i can show interstitial multiple times without user getting irritated(at least app rating suggests so). So what I’m worried about is do these networks(appnext, mC) show good/matured(dedicated to only one app or website) enough interstitial ads, other than “more apps/games”, for a user to click and go ahead with them ?

I mean can they suffice my requirement of showing different interstitials per user session. Like for one of my app i show 5 interstitials/user session.

And @A1ka1inE I’ll definitely join with your referral in mC :slight_smile: .

Also, if someone could share appnext banner ads stats.

All 3 companies are pretty good. Of the 3, I like AppNext for their well above average customer support.

Good Luck

I have a couple of apps with long average session lengths and quite loyal users, which I use StartApp/mobileCore/AppNext interstitials in. The eCPM remains strong for these apps most of the time (natural fluctuation of active campaigns seems to be the only affecting parameter). Its definitely a good idea to source from multiple networks if you know you’re going to show a lot of ads to a potential user. Obviously limited inventory is going to throttle that user’s interaction like you are suggesting!

From what I’ve seen StartApp seems to have the largest amount of different interstitial types available, when compared with AppNext and mobileCore, but that’s most likely just a campaign-side issue which applies to my geo (U.K) during my specific testing. Less campaigns for said geo= less types of ad they can utilize like applists/appwalls etc.

Can’t say anything about AppNext banners though. You have to use their open AI to use them, which I personally haven’t looked at properly.

some ad network only got a few impressions and they said fillrate is 100%. I think with same ads format, using in the same position of an app, in one day, compare the number of impressions, and you can find out which fillrate is better. it’s better to compare eCPM after you compare the fillrate