Mobilecore Less impressions after updating latest SDK.


Anybody facing the same issue. I am getting less impressing after updating to the latest SDK for the same app.

Because there is some weird bugs in new sdk, where no ads is shown until user clear data/cache.

I think they had did some customization’s. :frowning:

There is a bug in their 2.0 SDK! The ads will be shown for a limited times then disappear forever. To show again, we need to clear cache. This is the most annoying bug ever!

I really don’t understand how MC could miss something so big. The SDK 2.0 is available for quite some months now already.

My Mobilecore dashboard is not updating. Showing the same impressions since morning. Does anybody facing the same issue ?

Still the Mobilecore dashboard is not updated ? Any one has the same issue ?

There is a cap of 8 impressions per user, per every 8 hours. Could this be what’s causing a decrease in your stats?

Guys… everybody know that mobile core is cheating with the impressions, so that you will think that eCPM is higher than it really is:

It’s old news.
Mobile core is still a good network, but you should keep this in mind.

It’s not about this. The new SDK is bugged (or has some kind of limit as it stops showing Interstitials after a few times)

It also gives me error with proguard… they really mad a bad job on this new SDK

1.0.9 sdk of mobile core is error
Dardboard is error too, slow update and not correct MONEY

If they dont fix as before i will remove it and change to other ads

You should switch to v1. 1

Mobilecore error,

Just revert to old SDK… It might fix the issue