Mobilecore invoice not received yet Jan 10 2015

Mobilecore invoice for the week ended on jan 7th not received yet. I already reached the minimum payout 200$. will i have to wait for invoice or the payment will send without invoice?
Have anyone received the invoice for January 1-7 week 2015

same here :frowning:

This gonna be my first payment on Mobilecore , thats why i’m asking,

  1. do they issue invoice on time ?
  2. send payment straightaway ?

all is ok with mobilecore - they always invoice on time
u have to confirm invoice by rplying to email - “ok” or something like that
some times they delay by 1-2 days in payment but u can always get the status of ur payment -just get Sapir on skype

Full skype id please, sapir leads many results

search by sapir mobilecore

They are usually bang on time with invoices, but a little slow this week :frowning:


Still no invoice for me for 1 - 7 …

Same here bro

i have received the invoice on 8th only
if u ping sapir and tell ur email id she sends you invoice in realtime

Finally got invoice from MobileCore and reply from mobilecore support, My first payment on Mobilcore and Nice way to start the New Year, Thank you for your replies, so kind of you guys

dont forget to reply to that email
else payment will be delayed

Thank you, done :cool:

have anyone received payment for the peroid 1-1-2015 to 7-1-2015…

I already received it 5 hours ago…