MobileCore information

Hi, I’m new of this forum :smiley:

I’m trying MobileCore, but I have a question: does they pay only for install by interstitial or also for view?

AFAIK they run CPI campaings, so they pay you when the user installs the advertised app.

So if I have 1000 clicks and 0 install I’ll earn 0$?

Yes, that’s correct. Most networks work like that

Don’t worry u will get some installs…If you give good number of impressions you will get some money

Unfortunately they pay only for Installs! (Cost per Installs). But they are eCPM is really good though.

If you are looking for a network with higher revenue for interstitial, Try Avocarrot!

I don’t think that my users will install something, so maybe mobilecore is not good for me…