MobileCore - developer hash

MobileCore, you should fire whoever implemented the silly idea to have the developer hash non selectable non copy-and-pasteable. Do you expect me to type the hash one letter by letter?

They only just revamped their whole dashboard, so a few things need tweaking. Looks like someone used a plug in for that area that disables interaction.

Their old dashboard allowed copy and pasting of the hash code. You’re probably better off shooting them an e-mail than posting a thread either way :wink:

hey @qoolbox
i don’t know if you are right ? because i am able to copy paste the hash code ! i know it shows a red sign when u hover over the hash code but u can select it using the red sign too.


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i been trying for the past hr trying to integrate this sdk LOL pardon my frustration… giving up

What issues are you having?

The developer hash is not selectable, someone messed up when they updated the website LOL.

Yap it cannot copy in the webpage.
Just view the source code and copy the dev hash.