not ecpm in other countries like US

Mobilecore yesterday 3-28 eCPM was low and I notice that some major countries like US and countries from Europe have no ecpm.
Do you have similar issue?

Me too…almost all countries 6000 impressions, 2310 clicks and 0.48 in revenue…WTF

I am having the same issue since two days.
0.14 ecpm.

Yep, eCPM at MC dropped like hell lately

Maybe you can try Mobvista,we’ve released the latest SDK 4.0 with higher eCPM and less bugs

I’ve been told mobileCore lost some of their ads inventory(from good paying advertisers) and that it should have high paying ads back ASAP.

Of course they are low… Supercell isn’t running Clash of Clans through MC anymore… and they don’t have a lot of other campaigns.

So, move on… there are better options. You know what I recommend so I’ll skip it this time (very stable eCPM throughout the last 1/2 year. As well as now).