Mobilecore back to normal

My mobilecore is exploding today $5.85 eCPM rate like $20 made today on like 4,000 impressions.

Looks like they back to normal and then some now.

I don’t know because I’m not making any money with mobileCore since Dec 1.

Can’t believe. My startapp 0.2 eCPM :mad:

romel_emperado: how is that possible?

And today impression are incresaing and not revenue for the last 5 hours…

yup $8.26 cpm from 1K impressions in USA. other countries also got boost. Got invoice for previous few minutes back.

startapp big drop maybe because their all sdk versions are getting flagged as adware by almost all anti virus

Hope mine get that boost too. My ecpm is 1.06 for now with 8500 impressions.