mobilecore ad network

I use mobilecore, in 1, 2 days with an exciting early eCPM of mobilecore. But this eCPM and continuous reduction really disappointed me. Here is my chart. You can discuss and give me their opinions.

Its not a problem of mobileCore: when you integrate with a new ad network the CTR tends to be higher, since the ads are novel to the user. Then after a while it stabilizes on the normal CTR, this assuming your users stay using your app for a while - if your user base is composed of mostly new installs then this thinking doesnt apply.

But in fact I’ve experienced a drop on mC revenue on these last days also, so it might be a bit of both.

Anyway, pretty cool CTRs you’ve got, now finally I saw an example of a high (greater than 9.5%) CTR. What kind of apps/games are those? Quick casual, or long term?

ups and downs are a common thing with MC

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