Mobilecore 21.05% CTR - no revenue and eCPM. How it works?

Hello, everyone!
First of all, I’m glad to be a part of this community!

I have a quick question and I’m asking it here, because the forum seems to be full of great android developers.

I started using mobilecore few days ago, I just placed it on my first, not so great and no so used application, in order to see the statistics. What I noticed is that after 3 days I can see clicks on the ads reports, but no revenue and no eCPM. Here is what I mean(if adblocker is enabled you will not be able to see the screenshot):


Why there is no revenue generated? What am I missing here? The clicks are regarding interstitial and stekeez ad clicks(mostly interstitial).

How is mobilecore working? Should the advertised app be downloaded by the user in order to generate an income?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hello frnd,
Mobilecore pay you when someone install the advertise app by your application. In other word mobilecore is an CPI network.
So you have not got an install in these 19 impressions.
Increase your impressions and see results.
Thank you

It’s no admob lol!
This is 3 apps, only been live for 7 days, 100 downloads each, each day

I have a feeling though that mobile core is not doing a lot other than serving clash of clans ads? Surely by now, if someone is going to have downloaded clash of clans, they would have by now?