MobileCore - 0 ECPM?

Hello guys,

I just integrated MobileCore into one of my apps. I have about 80 clicks on my interstitials. However, I have made no revenue at all (not even a few cents). Am I doing anything wrong here?


You are doing nothing wrong…
Mobilecore pays you when someone install the advertise app and open the app atleast once.So from 80 click no one install advertise app

80 clicks are just too few… You need to increase your users to get better results… More impressions will lead to more conversions/installs.

Hi. I know that they pay CPI, but surely out of 80 clicks someone had to actually install an app?

@SocioSoft, mC is not displaying the number of installs delivered by you in the dashboard. If you are interested in seeing that, then try appnext or Chartboost. Advertisers on the mobile are primarily paying for installs so no installs from your impressions means no/very less revenue for you.

In case you want to try a CPC based network then admob, airpush, appflood, chartboost run separate campaigns for clicks (again number of such campaigns is less when compared to CPI campaigns)

If you want a fixed income from your downloads then try a PPD network airpush/eomobi look good (never tried them)

P.S. After startapp stopped PPD model, mC has been the best network for me.

Hi. I know they are too few. I don’t expect to make money from 80 clicks. I just wanted to see some kind of indication that it will make money when installs started growing. For example $0.08 or something would at least indicate that nothing is broken. The fact that it is sitting on $0 makes me wonder if something is not set up correctly.

As romel_emperdo explain it.Please increase your user base to see the result,…

That happened to me too, the next day I saw some revenue though…My clicks were a lot more, if I remember well about 1K.

I think it is no problem, since the average CVR(id conversion/clicks) for most ad networks is always around 1%.

Hello guys,

Just an update. After a few more impressions, clicks and I am assuming installs (because I can’t see) I have gotten revenue. It is not yet exactly where I thought it would be, but it is good enough at $2 ecpm.