Mobile Privacy And Security Apps ?

hello there i’m new in android os i was using Windows Operating system in Nokia and buy new Samsung Galaxy S6. While research i found there are so many apps available in android to hide our private data can any one suggest which one will be the best one i found this list of apps for security.

Red Phone: Private Calls
App Lock (Free Application Lock Utility)
LEO Privacy Guard
App Lock
CM Security Antivirus App Lock
Smart App Lock

any other app idea is also welcome thanks

Use Leo Privacy Guard. It feels like a premium app but is actually free.

It gives you the ability to hide pretty anything on your phone. Apps, photos, videos, contacts, phone calls, you name it.

AppLock is ok but it requires a premium upgrade to access all of the features. So it’s not completely free.

There are some other security apps are available however Leo Privacy Guard is best.Do your own research as well.