Mobile is Taking Over in 2013.

The days of the TV and Computer being king are quickly fading.
While they are still very heavy hitters in the industry, mobile is consistently growing at higher rates than other media devices.
This interesting study from Business Insider is showing why developing applications and monetizing them is a better business than ever.
We will go over some findings that are particularly interesting and show you why it matters.

As you can see in the graph. Every form of media is in decline in term of time spent, except for mobile.
Mobile is growing quickly because people are finding new services and ways to connect on mobile devices.
This is important because it means that more people will be looking and clicking on advertisements, engaging with brands personally, and accessing information from anywhere.
This can lend itself to changing the way apps are mirrors of websites, and allow more personalization in terms of location.

This shows how small of a share PCs make up in connected devices compared to mobile.
The way to connect around the world is mobile and it is growing much faster than the PC market.
This shows a trend that has really taken off since 2009 with smartphone manufactures still showing growth.

If the mobile trend continues, we can see where wearables will fit in.
They are projected to grow extremely quickly and this means more revenue for app developers,
as almost every app will have to be designed to also fit a small screen which usually can only show 4 app icons at once.
The need to be connected with a mobile device will also increase revenue for developers because more people will be interacting with mobile platforms and for a longer amount of time each day.

Increasingly, people are using their mobile device to watch video.
This includes live streaming and on-demand style broadcasts, where users are able to watch them anywhere.
This is important because there are a lot more opportunities for people to consume video media and the ads, but usually in short sittings.
Marketers will have to continue evolving to take advantage of these short video watching sessions to make convertible ads that don’t annoy the user or take up much time.

This year, for the first time ever, smartphone sales have passed feature phones and it looks like this trend will continue.
More people than ever are firing up their smartphones and consuming content.
This means that the smartphone is becoming much more of a global trend and developers need to design their phones to easily work for different international markets.
This may lead to an increase of graphic rich and text poor apps for many apps.

Another big development is the drastic drop in smartphone prices that experts predict will continue.
Besides making them a better bargain than ever, it means different demographics are becoming connected.
A new market of lower income users is starting to emerge and app developers can begin taking advantage of this.
More market research needs to be done, but once we find out what is most in demand from the new market, it will be a race to capitalize on it.

As the year comes to an end, we will start to see how holiday sales affect the price and and number of smartphones purchased.
This will be a very interesting mobile holiday season with many new phones on the market.
What do you think will happen? Will sales be up or down?


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