Mobile Core Vs Admob

Has anyone compared results for Admob and MobileCore Interstitials? What did you find in terms of eCPM’s.
Does MobileCore has coverage across all GEO’s (Mainly Asia).

Admob has good inventory in Asia, especially Japan and even China performs very good, while you don’t earn a single cent from Mobilecore in China, because it’s CPI based.

I have 1 app and 94% of my users are coming from Asian countries(Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait , Taiwan , Hong Kong, Qatar ,Singapore, Lebanon, Japan, etc ) and this app is integrated with Admob and MobileCore interstitial.

Admob has good inventory/fillrate than mobileCorebut the revenue is better with MobileCore

7 day stat:



That’s quite a good result for this geo. Do you use their SDK 1.0 or the previous version? You don’t have this problem with false clicks. Do you know what you did for this?

I’m a beta tester with their SDK v1.1 which is to be release soon. I think false click is due to very small button of their interstitial LOL and sometimes no close button but ‘no thanks’ word-button to close the add.

I place mobileCoreat app exit and a backfill of admob…

Romel, what do you mean by app exit? Can you elaborate on that please? Is it google compliant?

Display interstitial ad when the user is about to exit the app. Yes. GP compliant.

public void onBackPressed() {
MobileCore.showInterstitial(this, new CallbackResponse() {

        public void onConfirmation(TYPE type) {

Thank you for the trick, never heard of, and did you tested mobilecore interstitials between levels and activities? Is it converting?

I don’t have games. I have only 2 apps under communication category. I think interstitial between levels is converting and a good idea. That should be the correct placement of interstitial.

Mobilecore is really good in LATAM area (Brasil, etc) and Israel (where they’re from). Other than that they are either neck and neck with AdMob or AdMob is a bit better.

Which is best for us,uk,germany,aus,… user?
Can i use only interstitial ad with mobile core?
Thank you

i am also thinking to try mobilecore .but i could not integrate it to Unity3d.

I have tried mobilecore with Unity 3D at the time of the game exit, but it does not show up at times apparently.

MobileCore is the best in Germany, USA, Korea and UK… Rate per install is around $1.5 to $3