Mobile app marketing strategies for customer engagements

The success of any business depends on customer engagement and that is why all Small and large enterprises are focusing to make their clients happy. Business is all about making new prospects as well as retaining the old customers. A happy client should be more than anything for your business, hence always care about your customer engagement. Knowing Client’s like and dislike can boost up your sales and branding.

There are many ways to increase customer engagement but making mobile apps is one of the best things. Today all businesses have their own websites but it’s not enough for them to target all their customers. More and more people are switching to mobiles devices, hence every business should think about their mobile customers. Making mobile or responsive websites can be a solution but not fits into every marketing strategy.

Studies say that two-third of the Americans own a Smartphone which is approx 67% of the total American population. 19% of the Americans totally rely on their Smartphone for all their day to day activities. Most of the people love to surf their internet through their mobile devices and stay connected to the world throughout the day. This is not just the story of America; all the developed and developing economies have the same ratio for mobile usage.

Now you can understand why mobile is important and such a great platform for every growing business. Mobile apps ecosystem is rapidly growing all across the globe and that is why all big brands and enterprises have their own mobile apps for better customer engagement. Making a mobile app for your business is really good thing, On the other hand app stores are full of mobile apps but only few could make a buzz in the market. App store optimization is very important for your app because the more users will found your app in app store searches the more number of downloads you will get.

Creating mobile app is not enough for your business; you need to focus on your mobile app marketing strategy. Mobile app Engagement strategies need a solid foundation, see them below.

• Identify/Understand your customers – Understanding your customers is one of the basic steps for every marketing strategy. Without knowing your customers how can you deliver best services to them for better engagement? Demographics, social influence and in-app behavior are some of them. In this stage you need to know each and every thing about your customer’s base, their likes and dislikes etc.

• Segment them into groups- Once you done with your research you should have to segment them in to groups. Make just 5-10 segments in the initial level and identify the important segments. You are in the stage where you need to know about the client behavior hence test for discrete behavior.

• Engage them via multiple marketing channels- Based on the user behavior and interest; engage them via multiple marketing channels. Right thing to the right people, always serve what your customer is looking for. People love to watch what they really want, so tailor your offerings according to the customers.

• Push Notification- Push notification is a proven model for customer engagement drives 40-80 % engagement. This is one of the best ways to reach your customers so that they can easily know about your best offers and services.

• In-App messaging- Unlike push notification, In-app messages comes when a user is active on a particular application. In-app messages are highly contextual and can only be triggered based on the user interaction. That is why In-app messages must feel like natural part of the app, not additional marketing.

• Customer support- A 24*7 customer support is the best way to resolve your customer’s problems. Whenever your customers facing problem you can assist them to use your app in an efficient way. It can also help you to avoid negative app store reviews.

• Social Integration- Today Social media is more powerful than anything that is why it is one of the coolest things on the internet. Social integration can help you to encourage social conversation about your app which is really very helpful for your branding. This is also a great way to connect with your customers and respond them directly for all their questions and queries.

• Content Marketing- Content creation is one of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategies. Create cool and informative blog post, news, article and visuals for your customers so that more and more people can easily connect to your app.

• Measure and optimize your campaign- This is not the end of your marketing cycle, in this phase you measure the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize it if requires. This is a constant process where you can make the desired changes and evaluate over time.

For customer engagement in any new mobile application it is very much necessary to have some to back for propagating before public and on the basis of which it will gain popularity. You must remember one thing that there will be no monetary gain in simple mobile application, it is in winning of the game. It is not just downloading , it is about dollars.

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About In-App messaging! I find it excellent! Considering that about 60% of IOS user never activate push notifications, in-app messaging is a great opportunity to say what you want to your user without annoying them!

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On this Ever changing technology world, Mobile apps are the prominent way to make customer engagement in a large base.
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