mobile ad mediation for app monetization

There are two types of mediation:

  1. Independent mediation without its own network. As a result - fair auction. For example, [b]Adtoapp[/b]. The main point is that with single SDK it gets access to 20+ ad networks in 184+ countries. The mediator itself doesn’t have a network that participate. Once mediator does have one - it becomes biased to push their ads first. As a developer you will loose profit on this model.

  1. Another kind of mediation. When networks realized they can’t give you 100% fill rate, they allowed you to manage other networks through there mediation on the rest of the traffic. When you take a close look how they make money - through their own network in mediation, which gets a priority. That’s where they collect margin. That’s where you as an app developer loose money.

Examples of biased mediation are AdMob or Fiber (rewarded ads only). But you can find them in independent types as well. They are great networks and very recommended to use. They are most effective in independent mediation though.

What mediation platform for monetization platform do you use?

Check out AdtoApp FAQ for additional questions about mediation