from Airpush is a scam stay away from airpush is a huge scam. Like 20 permissions needed. And the pay rates are 0. Made a few apps to test and had about a few hundred opt-ins and 0 earnings despite 1000’s of emails and other shit collected from them. Today FAQS finally came up on site and read since this is in Beta there will be no payments and no earnings to developers until program is final.

Thanks for the insights , I was about to try it but turned off by the EULA ,

OMG, really?:o I just got email from them and I was really interested… But I didn’t find any info about earnings per 1k devices…

EDIT: in FAQ I only see this:

The MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace pays users a revenue share of data licensing revenue.

I don’t use it since it require sensitive permission and collect much use data (may violate play store policy).
But you can use it if you use third party store.

it isn’t a scam, it’s another way to market data …good for them for trying something different but in no ways does that mean it’s a “scam” …at least they tell you straight up in FAQ unlike a lot of companies that just screw you without telling you

Hi this is Kristy from Airpush. MOBI.INFO is our brand new data marketplace that allows you to add a completely new revenue stream into your monetization. Your users data is incredibly valuable and profitable, and we know that most publishers aren’t currently making any earnings from it. We just released the beta on September 28th, so now you will receive payments on all data sold in the marketplace! PM me for more details.

If anyone will earn something with them - please post your results.

Unfortunately I know that Airpush likes not to pay always all earnings, so I’m a little bit careful with the new platform

Why to be a beta-tester? Better use something that works.

Does anyone have any idea how much pay per 1k opt-in?

Turns out they only pay for USA optins (dats after they actually show any earnings in the dashboard). So yea pretty much sad considring almost 98% optins are frm outside US(for me).

It seems like a scam …
Airpush not paid much less

Any news? It’s true that they pay only for US installs?

Just put it in one of my apps with a mix of geo, but US is third most popular and the revenue is basically $0. This is after 5k downloads…

They tell 2-3 weeks are needed to generate revenue as they sell datas of apps usage to interested companies.
Someone has them since 3 weeks in their apps?
I am interested to test them.

Hey Guys, We’ve been busy at it now with more demand coming online. Everything, worth something, takes time to build out. We are still growing and looking for good partners.

I’d like to dispel any myths or rumors, data collection is completely regulated. We require a complete EULA that has to be approved (consent)by the user of the app. It essentially lets them know that the app uses a 3rd party to collect and sell data.

Key point

MOBI.INFO allows app publishers to earn additional revenue streams by collecting their anonymous user data and uploading directly into the global data marketplace.


Another source of revenue
Earn Revenue per user per month
Earn Revenue on inactive users
Use with existing ad networks
Combat ad blocker revenue loss

Could you give us some numbers on how much we can earn per user/month on different geo zones?