Hi All,

I’m new to ad networks and am a little confused by it all!

Got a few questions and would be grateful if someone could give me some pointers.

My app initially used the AdMob SDK but I just signed up with MobFox integrated their SDK. So far, all good. Banners are displaying (in test mode).

[li]My first question is that I want to use their mediation. They list quite a few Ad Networks with server side integration. Is the general rule here ‘more is better’? Currently I’m going through and creating accounts with all of these networks. So I’m wondering if this is the right thing to do.

[li]Secondly, how do I get paid? Does Mobfox pay me everything or do I have to log into all the individual networks to collect my cash? (Again, not sure if there is a general rule here?)

[li]Lastly, I’ve set up the SDK as per the help page on their website, but looking further I found another page: Ad Request API - MobFox Wiki which confused me. It states:

In this page, it states:

User Agent

The user-agent variable (passed in the &u= parameter) must be the source mobile device user-agent string. The user-agent helps us return the correct ad format and size for every ad-request. Please note that the user-agent as well as IP address must be the same at the time of ad-request and ad click-through, otherwise the click will not be tracked as valid and you will not earn any revenue.

IP Address

The IP address (&i= parameter) must be the IP of the source mobile device. Please note that the IP address must be the same or similar (with same originating country) at the time of ad-request and ad click-through, otherwise the click may not be tracked.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the above. I’m not passing any of these value in - just using a standard ad request as per their help screen. I’m a little worried about any revenue disappearing into thin air!

I have tried to find the answers but haven’t been able to get an answer.

Thanks all!

please can u help me how i can put banners on my app, firstly i build my app on app-builder platform and has mobfox integrated with that platform and i put tha ID, but the ads appear one every on hours like splash screen, I’m new to ad networks, and my app have a high impression, thanks