mobFox Results

So, anyone uses them?

Lets post the eCPM / opinions?

Im integrating right now the Video ad, if all goes well I will post my results in a few days.

Their site: (with referral link: mobFox)

I would give them a try, but net60 is just too long. I would only use a company that is net60 if I had no other choice.

Yeah, agree, that sucks. I have even sent an email to them complaining about it.

If the revenue isnt great I wont use them due to the payment schedule.

I’m seeing eCPM between $0.30 and $0.40 with them.

The Video Ad? Or something else?

Oh, sorry. Banner and interstitial, mainly US and European traffic. Refresh rate 60 seconds.

Oh OK. Could you post the eCPMs separately?

$ 0.30 / 0.40 for banners is very good, while it’s crappy for interstitials :slight_smile:

They owe me thousands of dollars ( . I worked with them for many months and never had payment problems (other than that they paid me in EUR instead of USD sometimes, but never a late payment)
But they missed my October payment and are not responding to my e-mails that I have sent to a number of people at MobFox.

Excellent !! really nice posts! thanks