Mobfox payment problems? Didn´t pay this month

Hey guys,

Been working with MobFox (among several other networks) for a while now. And they completely missed one of my payments (serious money, thousands of dollars).
It’s almost a month late and I get no support responses!
Till now all payments where on time, but now, with a larger payment, they missed. And I can’t get any response from them…
I also heard from other users that they are hard to reach.

Anybody else having problems?
I consider this a huige red flag if it does not get resolved quickly.

Any MobFox support people on this forum?

Just received their payment.
They got net60 payments. Is this your first payment from them?

No, this is not my first payment.
I’ve received at least 5 payments so far.
They usually pay right on time, but this time they have failed.
And I haven´t received any notification, warning about some problem, anything.
The transaction ID was generated but they missed the payable data.

My payment date was 30 January. I had sent them ticket with query about payment for November. After 3-4 days they answered and I have received my payment at 8 February. Try to do as me.

Thanks for the reply Vassily.
I did just that a week ago but still haven’t got an answer to their ticket.

It’s strange that I get no reply.
Does anyone has a contact from Mobfox who I can talk to about this issue?

Try to send another ticket. I had sent two tickets before to receive their answer.
Mobfox have an account on this forum try to search.

That seems to do the trick. I sent another ticket and this time I got a reply.
They said that the situation will be fixed by the end of this week.

I will report if that happens, so that the community of developers can be informed.

Best Regards and thank you for the reply: Vassily and drashelski


The end of the week passed and still I have NO payment!
Mobfix is NOT paying developers, watchout people…

I’m going to press them, this is not aceptable…

Hi MegaUnix,

I have unsuccessfully been trying to find an account on our platform with your username. Could you please provide me with your Account E-Mail Address or Payment ID? Will get this sorted as soon as I know this.

Thank You!

Hi, I’ve got my money today.
Thank you for the attention.

The reason were “technical dificulties on Mobfox system”.
I will give the benefit of doubt this time.
Best Regards, Megaunix.

Good to know, thanks.

If you can PM me your Account E-Mail I can set your account to verified status so all future payments will go out immediately.