Mobfox not paying.

Is there any representative from Mobfox here ?

I have a payment that should be paid on 2 march and today is the 14th, I opened several support tickets and nobody is responding.
This is really frustrating that we need to work hard developing apps and then struggle to receive our money.


This is weird, I’ve got the same problem with TapIt this month. And they also don’t respond. Some also post here about problems with getting payments from Airpush, AdMob and other networks. Maybe this month is super slow for ad networks for some reason?

I believe both @mobfox and @julian.zehetmayr are reps from MobFox who signed up here at some stage. Maybe one of them could help you?

David, thanks for mentioning us here.

@ Androidbeats, sorry for the delay with this. Can you send me your Account Email Address in a PM? Will get this payment out immediately.

me too having the same problem with mobfox… my payment due is jan 30th… still now i did’t get … can any 1 help me on this !!

Payment received on the 14th.
So it is not Net60 but net74.

Thanks Mobfox.