Mobfox not paying the last Two Month

I haven´t received the money i earned in May and in June yet . I should have received that money on 1 of August and 1 of September. The payments are delayed a little bit each month. The first one was 9 days delayed, the second one was 19 days delayed, the third one was 23 days delayed , the fourth one was 29 days delayed and about the fifth one, I haven´t even received it yet and it is already 40 days of delay. The sixth one are 9 days delay.

They haven´t told me any explanation of why is all this delay about and why number of days between each payment is getting bigger.

I have written several emails and opened two support tickets. They answered me one email five days ago but they have not solved the problem.

Can any representative from Mobfox help me?

@mobfox @julian.zehetmayr

That is why I don’t use new ad networks so early.

Got same issue !! haven’t paid me two months !

For me Mobfox paid for May and June 2014. I got the June2014 payment on 3rd September 2014. ( Note: I am using paypal as payment option )

Thanks, That makes me feel a little better. :slight_smile:

Although 43 days late (Net 103) is still unacceptable.


I have already received payment for May. It has finally arrived 45 days late but I’m happy.

I hope the June payment will come soon.