MobFox missed payment

I’m an app developer and it’s around 4 months I’m working with Mobfox but this month it completely missed my payment.
I opened two tickets and sent several messages but received no answers.
It’s a pity because I had a good opinion of Mobfox.
Do anyone know contacts of some responsible of the company ?

Anyone with the same issue ? I’ve sent lot of message to MobFox support but never received an answer. Don’t know what to think now.

i’ve the same problem and in the last 4 month they are delayed in the payment and when you sent a message to them don’t respond.
i’m leaving them!!!

Me too same isue april 2 and april 30 invoice has not yet been paid.I send support ticket but no respond until now.whats news about them?

April 30 and still not been paid. Many messages and support don’t answer.

At this point I’m quite sure they don’t pay and they definitely never answer to any messages !!

Got payment. Hope the same you guys.

No payment yet,but i receive reply to them i hope payment will received soon

Still no payment for 3 months。Will this company go to bankrupt soon?

Hi Guys,

We just discovered this thread now so sorry for not reaching out earlier. If anyone here is still having problems getting their payments, please do reach out to [email protected] and we’ll take care of it immediately. Usually there are 2 reasons payments are not processed for a timeframe more than 1 month:

  • Invalid Payment Details
    If you are being paid via Wire Transfer and the transfer fails, the payment will stay pending in your MobFox console. Please do make sure your WT details are accurate at all times.

  • No Proof of Identity Provided
    Every month, our Finance team goes through pending payments and asks new Publishers for a) proof of identity and b) proof of publication ownership to make sure that the apps you are monetizing on our Platform actually belong to you. You can get around this by using a company e-mail address for your MobFox account or an e-mail address that matches the one visible on your Android App Store page. If these details are not provided in time, it can sometimes delay payments for up to a week. We do this to prevent fraudulent activity on our platform.

Again, if anyone here is still experiencing issues please reach out and you’ll be helped immediately. We will be continuing to monitor this thread as well.

Thank You!

And if you guys are not satisfied with Mobfox get paid every $25 you make that friday with Notifymob. I am not highjacking the thread , just giving you guys a better option.

Literally all you talk about is NotifyMob. Don’t you think it looks biased to other developers?

I use them that’s why I talk about them. I used to use Leadbolt and tapgage but they both gave me huge headaches. I can’t talk about or suggest other networks that I don’t use . I suggest a network that pays and has good EPCM . So of course I mention them, the same way you mention companies you use . If you look at my posts I talk about way more stuff than AD networks. I mainly post in the Marketing section , I am not in this section all the time. Most of my post have nothing to do or mention notifymob. Stop cherry picking posts , you don’t comment in any where else I post.

Better yet just look at my profile View Profile: Pixelpower - Making Money With Android Forums
Does it look like all I talk about is Notifymob. Next time you want to call someone else out make sure you know what your talking about. Cut the sh$t and stop messing with me you promote what you use more than I do look at your over bloated signature with use this and sign up. Trying to call me out and you Advertise what you use every post.

A lot of people are talking here about Startapp, mobileCore, Airpush, Admob and Appnext which are the most widely used networks(at least by forum’s developers)…I honestly don’t remember anyone else talking about any ad network with so much emphasis as you do regarding Notify. Also I didn’t saw anyone else mentioning anything about this network except you and the official representative(I’m sure it’s a different person…fingers crossed).

From a quick search we can see that the was created on 17-jan-2014(the same month your profile was created…I’m sure it’s just a coincidence) which means this network has around 5 months since it’s exists. I would still be reserved regarding recommendations for any new network, most of us remember Mobario and how it ended.

So let’s keep a limit for recommendations and advices as well, the best is to recommend to people to use a few ad networks until he achieves the highest eCPM, because from my experience in trying for a long time 4+ ad networks I still can’t be 100% sure for any of them and the eCPM will jump from app to app and from day to day because of so much factors.

I hope there is no need to mention that this is just my personal opinion…I think I just did it.
All the best to all of you :slight_smile:

So we should talk about only networks that most people use? Sorry I don’t live in a communist country. As far as when I signed on there were at least 100 or more people who joined same month. Furthermore if you look at my posts you see I don’t talk about them as often as you people claim. I mention them because they pay and so far the best network I use. If you and a bunch of developers want to be followers and join the herd then fine by me. I never heard anyone making it to the top with that mentality though.

You should calm down and cut the hostility. I wasn’t attacking you and neither was @vadimbolun. Its just a forum.

You made an accusation so I answered it. I give it how I get it.

I asked you a question, I didn’t accuse you of anything. You then attacked me for no good reason.

Again, there is no need for hostility on a forum.