MOBARIO will Advertise your Apps for FREE

Hi Developers,

Recently, some of you received a Suspension Email from Google.

We had a few developers that integrated our very early SDKs from the first half of 2013 which did not meet the new policy change of September 2013. Unfortunately, due to these few SDKs out there, Google tracked every App with the same Jar name which was in our initial SDKs and suspended them. We have put into place a number of procedures to make sure this never happens again.

We are offering to our Developers a once in a lifetime opportunity since we appreciate your business and your hard work.

We will give you a unique in-app SDK. In order to eliminate any risk from our developers, we suggest that we will open a new Google Play account per developer on our expense. In this account, we will upload your APK using Mobario’s In-App SDK and we will advertise and promote it at our expense on our OfferWall which is distributed to more than 17 million users.

After reaching 20,000 installs (it will take between 1-3 weeks), Mobario will transfer the account into your possession.

Mobario takes responsibility like no other Company.

We hope that this present from us will help you get your app back to a good userbase for the coming year.

Please contact via Skype: Mobario_Support or by email: [email protected]

Happy Halidays and Happy 2014!!!

The Mobario Team


Wow, I have to wonder what more excuses you’ll be coming up with when Google continues to ban apps using Mobario.

I think you misunderstood us.

We will create a new Developer Account at our expense. G-d forbid something happens to this account, it will not affect your personal developer account.

This is one of the weirdest ideas I’ve ever read.

I hope we are setting a new standard for other Networks.

So is this weird because it is revolutionary and out-of-the-box thing?!

This is stupid. Mobario is stupid.

good idea!

HAHAHAH you want set up a new standard for other networks? What standard? Creating developer accounts for developers? Are you stupid? I have airpush/mobilcore and never banned because ad policy. Funny! It’s not serious ad network but unprofessional scam :smiley: hah

I wouldn´t blame them for breaking the mold. Most of us developers welcome things like that- they are trying to help after all. Your approach is going into the right direction, however it does indeed sound a bit strange. By strange I refer to the part that you register developer accounts at your expense. I´d rather suggest that you offer the “victims” free ad volume, but on their GP accounts, to boost their freshly uploaded apps. Would sound more reputable to me.

Claiming that you have a 100% compliant SDK means you’re following Google’s rules. Now you’re offering to open dozens(or maybe hundreds) of new developers account at your own expenses. Isn’t this somehow against Google’s rules and policy?

Why the hell not to offer beautiful banners and interstitials? A lot more developers would be interested in trying something that will really feel like being compliant. Why keeping on offering shady ad types when Google will ban them anyways sooner or later, they don’t care even if the users “like” the flying top-bar(or whatever it is) in all their apps. This is just my opinion as a developer and as a user.

Reaching 20,000 installs after 3weeks ? :smiley: Are you serious ? To reach 20K it takes me 5 days.
You say you are going to promote these apps ? Is that your promotion ? Reaching 20K after 3 weeks ?

Funny :smiley: soooo funny :smiley:
… and pathetic

You mean we are going to send our apk file with mobario ad on it, the app info and images, and you submit it to your google dev account?
Can we add other ad network or exclusive mobario ad only?

Do we have to create a new gmail account and give the credentials to you so that you can open a Google play developer account on it??
Is this only for developers who got banned or for every new developer??
What if after giving us the Google play account created by you we removed your sdk?
Can we add more ad networks to our app with your adk??

Hi @armando,

Thank you for your comment.
Yes we are truly trying to help. After all, we would not have reached 17 million users without the help of our developers. Now it is time to repay for the partnership over the past 9 months. We thought that this would be a New & Creative way of going about it.

So I am happy that you mentioned the issue about opening a new account. We offered this option (but not a must) because we felt that some developers are rightfully hesitant to immediately trust our solution so soon after receiving suspensions due to Ad Policy.
So we offer 2 options:

  1. We open a new account on our behalf and add your APK with our SDK only for 1-3 weeks while it receives 20,000 Installs.
  2. You add our SDK only in your current account for 1-3 weeks while it receives 20,000 Installs.

We are sure that once your app receives the installs, and the account is in good standing, you will be back on the path to success.

We hope that after receiving such service and personal care, most developers will decide to continue working with Mobario.

Mobario is accepting apps that meet one of the following Content Rating:

  1. Everyone
  2. Low Maturity

Hi @jroid,

Thank you for allowing me to clarify.
Mobario will send you a unique SDK to be added to your APK. Then, if you choose the 1st option (see above comment), we will add it to a unique developer account that we have opened only for you. If you choose the second option, then you upload it yourself to your account.

In regards to exclusivity, Yes. During the 1-3 weeks that we return your app or apps to 20,000 installs in total, we ask to refrain from using other networks. Afterwards you are obviously free to decide with whom to work with.

Mobario hopes that developers will recognize how for the first time, an Ad Network goes out of their way to help developers that they worked with. I have read many posts with much sarcasm, but we see our gesture as Honest, Humane, and Decent. I hope that this is what developers (among other attributions) look for when working with an Ad Network or any other partner.

Thanks you for your Comment,

Hi @taimur97,

Like I mentioned above, we can create an account for you or you can use your current account.

We are willing to extend this gesture to additional Developers with large accounts that are interested in testing out our product and service.

I would like to correct you. No developer accounts were banned because of Mobario. Some apps were suspended due to Ad Policy.

Thank you for your comment,

Hi @vadimbolun,

You are absolutely correct. We are going to advertise our developer’s apps in our Widget using Interstituals, Banners and Icon+Description in our Offerwall.
We will bring maximum exposure to our developer’s apps.

what about the security of those google play accounts. do you use dedicated vpn/ virtual machine for each of them?

Hi There,

If your App’s content rating is “Low Maturity” or “Everyone” Mobario will advertise your app for free.

All that needs to be done by the developer is to integrate Mobario’s new In-App SDK.