MOBARIO will Advertise your Apps 4 Free.

Hi Developers,

Recently, some of you received a Suspension Email from Google.

We had a few developers that integrated our very early SDKs from the first half of 2013 which did not meet the new policy change of September 2013. Unfortunately, due to these few SDKs out there, Google tracked every App with the same Jar name which was in our initial SDKs and suspended them. We have put into place a number of procedures to make sure this never happens again.

We are offering to our Developers a once in a lifetime opportunity since we appreciate your business and your hard work.

Mobario will Advertise and Promote your app on our Offerwall to our 17 million users worldwide.

We will give you a unique in-app SDK. We expect that in 1-2 weeks, you will have at least 20,000 installs of your app.

Mobario takes responsibility like no other Company.

We hope that this present from us will help you get your app back to a good userbase for the coming year.

Please contact via Skype: Mobario_Support or by email: [email protected]

Happy Halidays and Happy 2014!!!

The Mobario Team

How do your users know it won’t happen again, and their work won’t be reduced to nothing again?

Honestly it looks like the company took advantage of their trust.

To the developers in this forum who had Mobario: trust at your own risk.

I see this as a good act , and a prove that this company still determined to continue business .
Other networks just said sorry and others did not reply …
So this is the best response I ever saw from an AdNetwork to such situation .

I will be waiting for your new “Clean” SDK

Hi @cscs,

In order to eliminate any risk from our developers, we suggest that we will open a new Google Play account per developer on our expense. In this account, we will upload your APK using Mobario’s In-App SDK and we will advertise and promote it at our expense on our OfferWall which is distributed to more than 17 million users.

After reaching 20k installs (it will take between 1-3 weeks), Mobario will transfer the account into your possession.

Looking forward to working with you,

The Mobario Team

Dear Hiring Manager, Thanks for your job posting here. I have read your job posting and I am really interested in your project.

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