MOBARIO - New High Paying SDK Released

Hi Fellow Developer,

Mobario is an android app that enables users to multitask while using your app. We advertise Mobario by integrating our SDK into other apps.

We pay per install from the USA $0.05 ($50 per 1000 downloads) and from Everywhere else, $0.01.

We have added many new features and better graphics. We got ride of some minor bugs and improved the speed of the app.

Check out our YouTubetrailer that explains how it works! We also have a cool demo app that you can test and play with. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvements.

We pay on the 15th of every following month and we are never late!

We look forward to seeing you with our growing community. Come Chat with us on our website.

are you spammer?

yes if you want your account to be banned then use mobario!

Hi @fourtwozero,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear some issues that some of you may have read or believe and address your concerns.

We have thoroughly checked with our legal counsels, and based on their and ours professional knowledge we have reached the conclusion that Mobario’s solution stands well inside the bounds of the new Google developer guidelines.

Of course we always encourage our developers to check it themselves - However, we believe that you (as the 1000s of other app developers which have joined us over the past days, weeks, and months) will reach to the same conclusion.

I would like to share with you our thoughts on a number of issues:

  1. According to the new and older policy, you may change the system appearance as long as the user give you their consent.
    Before we enable our OnTopWidget we display to the users a tutorial and afterwards we prompt a EULA where they are asked if they are interested in our product. We enable Mobario only after the user has given clear consent.

  2. We don’t drop icons or shortcuts on the user desktop to lead to commercial advertising. Rather we create a new floating layer that gives the user its content according to its preferences - so actually we improve the user’s experience, which is our main goal at Mobario - enhance the mobile user experience.

  3. The user knows and is aware at all time the source app of our OnTopWidget, so the user can easily stop it when not wanted anymore.

All this bring us to the conclusion that we are following the new Google policy.

I would be happy to answer any additional concerns or questions, should they arise.

We hope to see you among our growing community of satisfied developers.

All the best,
Mobario Support

You kidding? There have been people that lost their apps from using mobario here, some may have used also other networks, but i do believe somebody was banned from using “just” mobario. Well there might be some brave souls here that don´t mind loosing their account. But let us see after some weeks/months if there aren´t more people getting banned from using networks with such aggressive system.

Don´t forget a lot of People were banned from using other “complaint networks” like PingJam

This thread needs more billyh.

I actually find Mobario just as complaint as Fb Messenger’s bubbles. The problem is that they only count 1/10 of installs, so it is definitely not worth the time and potential risk.

Anyone tried and got good results with Mobario?

Not just good but better result, combine with mobilecore they are the best duo for me.

As much as I dislike Mobario nothing ever needs more Brolly.

I earned sth however they count as low as %10 of actual download.

Hi @Akhadian,

Thank you for allowing me to comment on this issue.

For an install to be a valid install, it needs to be a number of factors which I will explain.

  1. EULA must be accepted (Approximately 50% acceptance)
  2. Unique install of Mobario on a certain device (we do not count secondary installs)
  3. Our anti-fraud system counts an install only after the user has kept the original app for at least 1/2 hour (this is to make sure that there is no incentivized installs or true interest in the initial app)

I hope this may explain why you saw less installs.

Mobario acknowledges how hard developers work, since we too after all are an app. Mobario takes all the risk of expense on itself regardless of the engagement of the user. Mobario pays the highest pay out to developers that work with us.

Mobario is sometimes confused with other Ad Networks. We are not an Ad Network. We are an extension to your app, which gives your users more value, and the ability multitask, among other options.

I didn’t get payment, but I contacted support and in one minute I got the payment on my PP account. The best support I ever seen:) Good company.

i tried them, results are good, and i didn’t get any bad reviews about the widget
and they pay net15

Would you rather have Mobario than StartApp(if you tried it)?

yes, mobario have better rates than startapp

Ok thanks, I might check it out then because Startapp has very bad revenue for me.

Edit. It seems to be to unclear about how to dismiss the mobario widget (my impression from their demo app). I could not guess on my own that they way to close it is to drag the Mobario icon to the pause button. I think it should be easier to close.

This has been brought to their attention multiple times, and they never made it more intuitive. I’d assume they simply don’t care if the widget ends up giving you more uninstalls.

Yes my first reaction was to simply uninstall the app, just to close the widget. 99% of people are not going to google about how to close the mobario widget, they will simply uninstall the app.
This is a lacking design that hurts both us and mobario.

We must check if there is a technical way to remove mobario from withing our apps, can someone code this?

Hi @max1000 & @Lockdown,

Thank you for this productive discussion. We have tried to come up with a simple solution and still haven’t found it.
We would be honored if the great team of developers that are on this forum would send us some ideas about this.

Please email [email protected] your ideas!

Looking forward to hearing from you’all,