Mobario got my apps suspended

Well it looks like Mobario isn’t compliant with the new policy after all. Google just suspended 4 of my apps for “violation of the ad policy” and they ONLY had the mobario sdk integrated. Three of those apps were only a few weeks old and never had any other sdks, the fourth had been published for over a year and held the #1 spot for its main keyword with close to 2 million downloads. So this is just a warning to any developers still using mobario: remove their sdk ASAP before the same thing happens to your account.

Read here:

They have banned 3 of my apps that have no ad integrated other than admob and mobilecore’s interstitals, but they have many SDK (not integrated)…So I think they have a stupid BOT that controls the store.

Which mobario SDK you had?

Of course they have a bot? Do you think there’s a guy in Mountain View that downloads and checks every app if it has Mobario, PingJam etc.?

It’s definitely a bot searching for specific sdks because they also removed one of our listings that was saved as a draft and never published, so users couldn’t have reported it. And all 5 removals came at the same time. But we were using their sdk from Nov 25th (the one with an interstitial before the EULA, which wouldn’t make a difference)

I know you must be feeling crap, but I can’t understand how anyone would think Mobario’s SDK was compliant by any stretch of the imagination.
After all the changes it was pretty obvious that out of app advertising had gone for good. Anything out-of-app is a risk since August.

What’s more Mobario spammed the living crap out of this forum when they launched. Why would you trust a company that operates like that?

Many networks have claimed compliance, only to later receive mass bans regarding their SDKs.
Networks will only claim compliance if THEY believe that they are complaint or if they want YOU to believe that they are.
Google does not “approve” networks and its common knowledge that a network’s claim to compliance is just that. A claim.

The only place for networks like Mobario are in spam apps that you know are going to be banned anyway or outside of the Google Play store.

we still use this type of ad networks because they pay more, its all about money, i got 14 apps suspended but i dont regret having out of app ads in them because they gave me 10k a month

I knew it was a risk so I’m not looking for sympathy (although it definitely feels like crap), but I really did think they should be compliant by showing the EULA. In the Aug 2012 policy update Google started requiring “user consent” for out-of-app ads, and that was the same terminology they used in the new system interference policy. They also specifically mentioned no bookmarks, icon or push ads but didn’t say anything about floating widgets, so after 2 months with nobody being banned I figured Mobario was ok until the next policy update (we’ve only had them integrated for the last 2 weeks).

I actually still think Appgrade is compliant since their eula directs users to download their market app instead of including it in the sdk like mobario, but widdit and appwiz are probably next on google’s hit list. I just wanted to let everyone know mobario definitely isn’t safe since that was the only network we were using

All with mobario apps have been suspended

Yes, only apps with Mobario suspended. Shouldn’t trust that guy. Again, another pingjam.

The frustrating part is I was already planning on removing them since they only counted 10% of my installs thanks to that stupid 1 hour rule. And the main reason my retention rate was that low is because they were showing 2 interstitials, an EULA, and a tutorial before users could even open the app

7 apps suspended because of Mobario for me.

OK, my 5 apps suspended (2 of them wth more than 100k downloads) because of Moobario although I used only in-app ads. That is the end of this company for me.

Why do some of the developers risk the wrath of Google Play policies? Just avoid some of the borderline ad networks. They lure the developers with higher rates, but is it worth it if your app is suspended?

Yes, exactly. I often tell myself: earn less, but stable and for long term. But I always want to make more money… This time I integrated f****ing mobario and this was my fault…

Hey Guys,

Sorry to hear your apps got suspended…

Acknowledging the market’s trends, we at AppGrade have worked very hard on developing a new profitable, long-lasting and Google compliant monetization solution, that will replace old out-of-app models while still enabling you to generate revenues with no dependence upon user engagement with your app.

The SmartBar Pro, by nature, cannot get your apps banned, since nothing is bundled to your app but an ad directing your user to Google Play, and another innovation of it is that it enables us to keep making you revenues even if the user uninstalled your app!

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I also had my apps suspended :frowning: I did make great money till Saturday!

Your behavior is very offending and condescending to us developers that just lost many apps.
Especially writing your post in this thread feels like you are dancing on another companies “blood” and thinking that we are all idiots.

I personally was one of your beta testers and I made zero money with you. And your product looks very similar to Mobario’s which raise some ethical questions with me.

I tend not to trust companies like you which was proven when I didn’t even get the small amount of money I made during your beta tests.

Best of luck with your marketing…

I won’t dignify this with a reply, since it is obvious to me, and surely to all developers within this forum community that you are a Mobario representative.
Proof can be seen here - too much enthusiasm, isn’t it?

We certainly don’t condescend our developers or dance on any company’s blood.

Our interest is in helping our developers adjust to the new market’s rules and maximize their monetization potential, and as any other ad-network, we want to expose our brand and monetization solutions to developers.

As for Mobario, on the contrary, we wish you all the best and hope you will come out of this crisis, it’s a big market with a place for all.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Yes… They are pathetic

If a company even has to mention that they’re “100% Google Compliant”, they’re probably not.

I think that isn’t Mobario’s issue , But google’s power…You cannot do anything with them neither Mobario can…The reason of app removal is ad policy, but since it is a bot and (I haven’t used it yet, neither seen it) If new mobario’s SDK is in app, then it isn’t their fault…They could say to you: we banned your app and give you no reason, you can’t do anything.

I am not working with Mobario, but I do defend them because this time I think it isn’t their fault, I got 3 apps banned, they had mobilcore and admob interstitials only, but they had almost every ad network SDK in them.(so they were compliant)

In my “career” when I had an app with 2k downloads a day I used : Appgrade, Mobario, Widdit, Startapp, Appwiz and Admob.

Admob always paid in time, Widdit always paid in time(twice/2), Mobario always paid in time but they counted less of downloads I was getting, but I had a message from them since my app was always removed after installation,
Startapp WAS THE BESTnice earnings and always paid in time, Appgrade paid me twice /2, but first time in time the second time it took really long and much chat, and they said that they give only 1 bonus even if it wasn’t said like that before I have integrated them(so I can feel lil bit of scammy nature but they paid, so had good experience with them after all)

Appwiz the most scammy, they will hit you from behind sooner or later, dont trust them.