MOBARIO - Everything you wanted to know!

Hi App Developers!

So your recommendations were taken seriously and we decided to open our own thread! We are a company that listens and acknowledges the developer community.

[b]MOBARIO[/b] is a unique widget that allows the end user to multi-task on their device between multiple screens. This feature also gives the developer added value by having the user longer in their app and increase user lifetime!

In the near future we are going to enable revenue share which will bring also significant increase in revenues to the developer. Today we pay per unique install. (See below current promotion)

MOBARIO takes Google’s new policy change very seriously and we follow it. We have taken extra measures to ensure that we follow the new policy. (Check out the new SDK) Our previous SDK follows the new policies as well, but we wanted to take precautionary measure to be 200% sure, because App Developers deserve the BEST!

The last SDK release (October 8, 2013) includes the following updates:
• Decreased SDK size by 30%
• Improved Loading screen
• Improved offerwall design
• Improved server side communication response

The last SDK release (September 17, 2013) includes the following updates:

  1. Fine improvements to make the widget even more compliant with the new Google policy.
  2. User-friendly EULA. Will significantly improve Install rates. Our current install rate is approximately 50%-60%.
  3. Change in the Init() method to enable the developer to use their own EULA instead of ours! Please follow the Integration Manual - Section 3.
  4. A better UX for your users!
  5. Fix of minor bugs.

Developers that Register –> Integrate SDK –> Distribute on their Apps will receive for Unique user installs from the USA = $0.05, and unique user installs from non-USA = $0.01.

We pay Net15. Meaning at the end of every month +15 days, we transfer the funds.
If revenues exceed $500/day, we pay weekly!!!

You can use most other SDKs for your advertising needs, and use MOBARIO’s SDK to get payment for every unique install! If your user removes MOBARIO from their device, it does not harm your app. If the user removes your app, we go too :frowning:

MOBARIO hopes that you will try our SDK today and see for yourself the benefits. We give close to 24 hours, 7 days a week support to our growing developer community on multiple channels of communication.

Give us your remarks so that we can constantly improve both product and service.

MOBARIO knows you have many choices and hopes that you chose to work with us.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Dedicated MOBARIO Team

Helpful Links: (Click to be redirected!)

[b]Demo App[/b]

[b]Developer Introduction Video to MOBARIO[/b]


[b]Register Today![/b]

Some Stats:

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“If revenues exceed $500/day, we pay weekly!!!”

wow that’s a lot…

I’ll try mobario in one of my apps.

I already tried mobario yesterday and the results were awesome! one of my apps made 10$ yesterday for 900 Downloads mostly non-US… I highly recommend it, plus the on-top widget was cool and very useful! :smiley:

I used the latest SDK mobario yesterday, and download statistics grew up. Today I ran the application can not start mobario. I really do not understand, SDK mobario many errors …

Are you still having errors or were they fixed? Can you explain what errors?

In the last 48 hours since our new SDK Release, we have seen a 50% jump in Developers joining MOBARIO and a Higher Install rate!!!
2 days left to enjoy our Sign up promotion!!!

The numbers do not lie!!!

who cares :wink:

Never in my life have I seen a more spammy attempt at gaining users.

Hi Mobario_Man . i will hire you if i decide to open company . You will be sale manager :slight_smile:


haha damn true :smiley:

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

Just reminding that our promotion ends tomorrow!!!

1500 Installs = $75
Everything after that is worth:
USA = $0.05 ; non-USA = $0.01

Don’t miss out! We follow Google’s new policy so hurry! Our SDK works with all other SDKs (Air push, Start App, Mobile Core, Ping Jam, etc.)
Why not make double!

Does this mean that we need to create an application + integrate your sdk + submit the application to play store all within tomorrow? Inaddition to all your spams??

In the future there will be additional promotions, but this one is a very good one!
Our SDK is super simple and can be integrated in less than 5 min.
Try us and tell us what you think. Your opinion is important to us.

24 hours left to get $75 for 1500 installs! Sign Up → Integrate SDK → Distribute to your Apps!!!

Don’t miss out.

@Mobario_Man, are you german? I saw a profile with this user name on another forum and location was mentioned Germany. are you the same guy who spams there too?

Your site is taking centuries to load.

Its because we weren’t expecting sooooo many developers to be uploading their apps all at once! Please be patient :slight_smile:

im pretty sick of hearing about Mobario honestly, I see this dude on every forumn I’m on…we get it you guys are new and trying to make a name for yourselves but DAMN enough with the spam. I’ve been sent like 5 emails in the 2 weeks about ur network.

Also still skeptical that your ad units are even complaint with Googleplay.