Mobango - lowest PPD marketing I ever saw

Mobango offers PPD from $0.03 global to $0.09 for highest paying geo targeting (US is $0.07).

To good to be true?

Anyone can share some experience?

Well it’s downloads from their own market, so it’s not going to help your google play ranking any. Maybe if you make more than .03 per daily active user it would be worth it.

Yes, I used Mobango for increase my downloads but in the end I realized that I wasn’t doing the right thing.

I need to invest in ways that will increase the app ranking on Google Play. That’s what really matter.

And if your app revenue is based on ads you will never ever be able to cover the costs.

how is Mobango traffic compare to google play traffic? meaning, do ctr%, ecpm look the same for every 1000 users from mobango that they do for every 1000 users from google play?

I think I didn’t understand your question very well so I’ll try to answer based on my understanding (sorry. My English is poor).

I saw no differences in user behavior. Both Google Play users and Mobango users play almost the same amount of time, have the same user retention and the money earned by ads (I use AdMob) are basically the same.

I advise you to add your games / apps to Mobango if you’re able to do it but don’t invest in ads with mobango because all downloads are from apps on its own store. You cannot create a campaign where users will download your app/game from Google Play.

In the long run it won’t be good because Google Play is THE Android app store.

As you may be aware, what leads more visibility (and consequently) more downloads are how many downloads your app have on Google Play and its rating.

So target Google Play on paid campaigns and promotions. For other app stores, just publish them and forget about it.

thats the answer I was looking for. thanks :slight_smile:

I understand that Google Play is where everyone will make most of the money, but if it costs under 10 cents per download on Mobango and I am able to get 20 cents out of every user that downloads my app… then I dont see why I should not try and get some users from Mobango, right? :slight_smile:

OK, but are you sure you can get $0.10 / user?

The prices on Mobango varies according to the country. Say the minimum CPI for China is $0.03 and the minimum CPI for USA is $0.20.

If ads are the only revenue source of your game, forget about advertising. You will NOT earn $0.03 / per user on each ad click.

For instance, my RPM is around $0.84. It means that I earned $0.00084 per user. How could one profit this way? That’s impossible.

But if your app /game are a paid one or it has in-app purchase you can expect to make much more money than the ones that just use ads. In this case, I think it worth the effort.

My App is published on Mobango store finally.
Following are download stats.

it has been 5 days and total Installs/Downloads are: 1 (:smiley: can u believe this)
in GP i am getting downloads beween 2k-3k daily. My Application is available freely

So from my point of view Mobango is useless for following reasons:-

  • Takes very very long time approx 7 days to approve the App
  • Downloads are equal to almost NILL

You should also consider that if you think your going to make your money back from IAP, most users from Mobango don’t have google play on their device. So use an alternate from of payment for your IAP for the version you submit to mobango store.

How do you know Mobango users don’t have Google Play?

Because most users who use alternative app stores, do so because they don’t have google play on their device. Except for maybe Amazon users who do so for the free app of the day type thing. There’s really no other reason to use an alternative app store from the user’s point of view.

I see… but I would like to read more about this. Do you have any link to share?

No it’s just my opinion/experience.


Some users may use alternative app store’s if they can’t buy paid apps from Google Play in their country. But this just reinforces my point to use an alternative payment for IAP’s.

I trust your word.

I just wanted to see statistics so I could do some math.

Thanks for sharing.